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You can ask your questions direct by using ICQ when we are online. Our ICQ number is 163202313.

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With the debut of our Internet-Programmable Super PLCs, the day has arrived when more and more clients expect their production equipment to be monitored or programmed remotely on-line round the clock. And we can make that a reality now.

Our latest Internet TRiLOGI client/server software enables our M-series PLCs to be fully programmable over the Internet or within your corporate Intranet. Even better, Internet TRiLOGI is so easy to use that it won't take you more than 10 minutes after opening our Internet PLC starter kit to start monitoring your PLC via the Internet!

In addition, the same TRiLOGI "Ladder+BASIC" client/server editor software is being used for both local PLC programming as well as remote programming via the Internet. Therefore, you don't need special training to remotely program the PLC via the Internet. In fact, you get to enjoy the same user interface and the full power of the TRiLOGI software whether it is locally connected or over the Internet!

The Internet TRiLOGI software also works as an email post office to enable any connected PLCs to send email reports to anybody. The email content and the event trigger for sending the email is completely defined by the programmer. Remote data logging has never been easier!

Now start talking about Smart Machines and cutting edge control technology!!!

Put Your PLC On-Line in 4 Easy Steps!

  1. Connect the M-series PLC's RS232 port to any Windows or Linux PC or workstation.
  1. Connect the PC to the Internet using any common networking method, including dialup, DSL, cable modem or T1 line.

    Run the "TLServer" software on the PC (TLServer is part of the Internet TRiLOGI Client/Server suite). Note down the IP address of the PC shown on the TLServer's screen. This PC now becomes a web-server which serves up the TRiLOGI client and data files when accessed by a web-browser from other computers on the Internet.
  1. Use a Java web browser such as Netscape 4 or IE5 from any computer on the Internet or Intranet. Enter the URL of the TLServer computer, e.g.
  2. The TRiLOGI client program will start running. The Client software comprises the ladder logic editor, compiler and simulator software that gives you complete programming control of the PLCs.

That's it! If you are programming the PLC locally, you can run the TRiLOGI client on the same PC as the TLServer. Simply use a localhost IP Address: http://localhost:9080 to access the PLC. Everything else works exactly the same way! The PC does NOT need to be connected to the Internet or Intranet for local programming. In other words, the Internet TRiLOGI works like a normal Window-based PLC software.

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