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Follow thos simple steps and become a programmer.

You can ask your questions direct by using ICQ when we are online. Our ICQ number is 163202313.

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T100MD Super PLC & Options


T100MD888+ PLC

T100MD1616+ PLC

T100MD2424+ PLC


10A PWM x 2 (NPN)

0-20mA Analog Out

10A PWM  x 2 (PNP)




RS232-to-RS485 Converter

Download User's Guide

MX-RTC - Battery-backed Module for RTC and Data RAM.

Download Mauals
(PDF Files)

Expert Review of
T100MD+ PLCs

I-7000: Analog I/O
Expansion Modules


Integrated PLC Language

MD-HMI: 16 Keys Keypad &
4x20 LCD Display


  • Input : RS-232 protocol

  • Output : RS-485 protocol (two wire, D+, D-)


MD-EXP1616R Installation Guide (79K)

DIN Rail Kits

Why  Super PLCs?

  1. Very fast program development cycle: You will discover  how incredibly fast and easy you can complete a relatively complex programming job using the Ladder+BASIC language. With the escalating cost of programmers today,  shorter development time means greater cost saving for companies. Click here to see some programming examples.
  1. Extremely easy to learn - Our TRiLOGI software, with its built-in real time simulation capability, is used by many colleges to train students in PLC programming.  It often takes less than half an hour to learn to create your own ladder logic program and run a simulation test on your own PC. You can fully evaluate the capability and ease of use of our PLCs with absolutely no risk!
  1. Powerful -  You get built-in analog I/Os, LCD port, PWM, stepper motor controllers, interrupts, encoder inputs, pulse frequency measurement, real time clock, RS232 ports, RS485 networking port,  PID and more! Each Super PLC incorporates an arsenal of built-in hardware that only exists as expensive add-on options on most other PLC-brands. In addition, the built-in BASIC commands greatly simplify the use of these hardware.

    All Super PLCs also incorporate two MODBUS ports - Hence they are all HMI and SCADA-ready, and they can be easily integrated with other factory automation system.

  1. Future Proof - Super PLC users are the first programmers  to be able to remotely program and control  their PLCs via the INTERNET using an Internet Explorer or Netscape browser found in any PC. Such capability allows OEMs  to remotely troubleshoot or upgrade software for their equipment without spending a fortune to travel to far away locations. Click here to see what benefits Internet connectivity can offer.

    Super PLC users are also able to collect data remotely via the Internet or via the corporate LAN and have the data stored in Excel Spreadsheet for analysis or charting (requires TRi-ExcelLink software).   You can also create your own PLC control GUI  applet   very easily.
  1. Low Cost - The Super PLCs are designed to be embedded into  cost-sensitive OEM applications, hence their prices are kept  low so much so that some users who are used to paying big bucks for  other PLC brands actually thought  that it is unreal!  Check out the incredible value T100MD888+ Internet PLC Starter Kit for only $259!  You owe it to yourself to discover how the Super PLCs can actually enhance your product capability  while helping you save cost at the same time!  Request for an OEM price list and quantity discounts.


"First I would like to say how much my customers like your PLCs. They are very reliable and do not create any down time for the machines that they are on. I have written to you about 2 systems that I have in Nashville, TN. That have been running now over a year without problem. The maintenance electrician at the customer called last week and had a question and I asked how the system was doing and he replied there has been no problems and he did not even know that this system was there until a tornado hit the building. How is that for no problems?"

Click here to read what users say about our PLCs.

Unbeatable Value!

The T100MD+ PLCs are of incredible value! The arsenal of built-in hardware make them suitable to tackle the most difficult tasks with great ease. The followings are just a glimpse of its vast capabilities:

  • Digital Inputs (24V DC NPN transistor) - 8 or 16, expandable to 96 inputs (max)
  • Digital Outputs (24V, 1A DC MOSFET and Darlington) - 8 or 16, expandable to 96 outputs (max)
  • 10-bit Analog inputs - 4 or 8 channels.
  • 8-bit Analog Outputs - 2 channels.
  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) Outputs x 2
  • Interrupt Inputs x 4
  • Motion Controller for Stepper Motors (up to 10,000pps per channel) - Support for absolute positioning or incremental move commands. x 2
  • High Speed Counter Inputs with Automatic Quadrature Signal Decoding x 2
  • Real Time Clock and Calendar - Year (Y2K compliant), Month, Day, Day of Week, Hours, Minutes, Seconds. (Optional battery backup module MX-RTC ensure clock runs even when power off)
  • 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 ports - Networkable with other PLCs using simple built-in commands.
  • Built-in PID Computation loops.
  • 64 Timers (1-9999 in 0.01 or 0.1s timebase)
  • 64 Counters (1-9999)
  • 256 Internal Relays,
  • 6016 Words of EEPROM Program memory.
  • 1700 Words of User EEPROM  Data memory
  • 4000 Words (16-bit) of User RAM memory
  • Dimension: .5.4"(L)x 4.5"(W) x 0.8"(H)

Supports Multiple Communication Protocols

  1. Supports MODBUS protocols. PLC can act either as Modbus slave or Modbus Master.
  2. Supports OMRON C20H PLC protocols. PLC can act either as slave or master.
  3. Supports  a proprietary set of ASCII based Host Link commands which allows remote programming or  monitoring by MODEM. Password protection allows device to be left unattended at remote location but accessible by dial-in modem.

All the above protocols are supported on both  the RS232 port and the RS485 port, enabling either point-to-point or multi-drop connections.  From a single client PC, a programmer can remotely program or monitor any  (theoretical max = 256)  PLCs connected to one single server via the RS485 multi-drop network, up to a distance of 4000 fts (1200m) and at baud rate of up to 38.4 Kbps!

Optional Peripherals

   1. LCD216 or LCD420
   2. MX-RTC
   3. EXP4040.


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