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 The right support and after sales service. This is what we give you day after day and this 24/24 and 7/7


You can ask your questions direct by using ICQ when we are online. Our ICQ number is 163202313.

 If you do not have ICQ, please download it for free at www.icq.com


T100MD Super PLC & Options


Follow  those simple steps  to program those powerfull PLC systems.


Made for those who knows what automation means.

All OEM equipment manufacturers know it -  the dilemma of not being able to find a powerful yet low cost PLC that doesn't break the bank. Let's face it - the traditional "brick" type PLCs are way too expensive and clumsy for controlling OEM type machines. Yet the alternatives, the so called "microprocessor boards" or "single-board computers" require profound hardware knowledge as well as the use C or assembly language  which may not be within in-house expertise.

To address these unique OEM needs, TRi has developed a range of single board "Embedded PLCs" since 1993. These PLCs are amazingly powerful, low cost and yet programmable using industry-standard Ladder Logic and BASIC language. Many OEMs have since discovered that not only do they save a bundle in control costs using our PLCs,  they also gain a far more powerful control system that is versatile and customizable. Our users also discover an added bonus - the Super PLCs are the world's first PLCs that are programmable over the Internet using a web browser!  For more details, please click on the navigation links to the left or on any picture below 

The T100MD+

Ladder Logic + BASIC
Programming Editor with

Data Entry and HMI



MODBUS Connectivity

Internet Connection
PLC send Emails, Modem Dialup

Data Link to Excel
Enterprice Integration!


The T100MX+ PLCs.

The H-series PLCs

E10npn & E10-Relay
World's Smallest PLCs


Our Super PLCs have been featured in the March and April 2002 issues of the Circuit Cellar Ink by the magazine's own columnist Fred Eady. Fred is well known for his expertise in embedded control systems with Internet capabilities. Read what Fred has to say in his two-part review of  the T100MD888+ and T100MD1616+ Super PLCs. Please click on one of the following links to read the articles.

PDF:   Combined Part I and Part II (3.0 M bytes).

Fibre Optics Communication

I-7000: Analog I/O
Expansion Module


Who Use Our Super PLCs?

  • AngloGold  Ltd (South Africa) - the world's largest gold mining corporation.
  • ST Microelectronics (Singapore) - world's sixth largest semi-conductor manufacturer
  • Tetrapak (Singapore)- world's largest packaging equipment maker
  • Intel (Penang) - world's largest.... well, you know who they are. We recently learned that  Intel Israel is also using the Super PLCs.
  • SAIC (USA) - Fortune 500 company, supplier to the U.S. Airforce and NASA.
  • Newport News Industrial (USA) - $5 billion company, supplier to the U.S. Navy.
  • Bristol Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY) - $20 billion pharmaceutical company.
  • Unilever Research - Research arm of one of the world's largest conglomerates.
  • TRW Automotive  (NYSE: TRW)
  • Hundreds of small and medium size OEM equipment makers, including well known names such as Metropolitan Industries.

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