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Smart Sensors Using USB Sensor Interface

Tired of not getting the product you are looking for

We supply smart sensor interface solutions not just products like our competition

If you have a custom application, please feel free to contact us

And we stand our smart sensor solutions with a one year money back guarantee

Including free solution engineering


Compatible with all load cells and other strain gage based transducers

Suitable for all dynamic, force measuring and real time applications
Replaces all conventional weighing indicators

Typical Applications

Gravimetric filling systems

Batching controllers

Weigh belt

High speedcheckweighers

Multi-scale processing

Weighing in motion

Peak detector and analyzing forces in press machines

Destructive and non destructive testing device

High speed data aquisition

High speed graphing software

Realtime data gathering

Computer powered scale

Custom applications

4 to 20 ma input

0 to1 volt input

0 to 5 volt input

basically any type of analog input

Fully rated USB 1.1 computer interface - use weigh in motion software with your laptop! Forget the full sized desktop.

16 bit resolution

Connect up to 8 devices to one computer

Can power twelve 300 ohm load cells

Backwards compatible with LCIC card

From 500 to 10000 samples per second sampling rate.

Small, standalone package, easy to wire to any scale

Calibration is stored on the device, not the computer, just plug it in and go.

Easy to use, windows based calibration utility and library.

Drivers for Win98, 2000, XP, Linux and OS X

What is it?


Scale Scope is used for capturing data from any strain guage based sensor. This includes loadcells, pressure transducers, ect. Scale Scope gathers data from either Massloads LCIB USB interface device or the IMS LCIC-1106B card. It stores the data in an MS Access database, analyses the data, and graphs the output of the sample taken. This data can then be printed (with graph), saved in a text file or exported to Excel.

Common applications for this software is Weigh in Motion, destructive and non-destructive testing, and anywhere you need high speed data capture.

Because of it's several capture modes Scale Scope is very flexible. You are able to adjust the speed at which the scale is sampled.

Capture Modes:

  • Manual - user presses the capture button to start the sample, presses the button again to end the sample.
  • Timed - user presses the capture button to start the sample, sample continues until the defined time has been reached.
  • Comm Port triggering - software can be started and stopped based on characters recieved through the comm port (user defined).
  • Threshold triggering - capturing starts when a weight threshold has been reached, manual or timed sample length.


  • USB plug and play, device and sensors are powered by the USB bus, no external power required
  • Simple USB driver and software installation
  • Simple scale calibration, multiple calibrations stored on device means you are able to use on LCIB device for several different sensors. Unlimited calibration points allowed.
  • Can be used with any strain gauge based sensor
  • 16 bit resolution, 18,000 internal samples per second before filtering
  • Software will allow 400 samples per second
  • Automatic graph and statistics generation
  • Export graph data to MS Excel or text file
  • Full data management tools built in
  • Unlimited sampling times, limited only to the size of your hard drive

Sampling rates of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and Max (400) samples per second


Not What You Need?

No problem. Our crew of software engineers will listen to your requirements and develop an application for you. Wether it be a small addition or modification, or a full blown custom application, we would be happy to help you

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