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You can ask your questions direct by using ICQ when we are online. Our ICQ number is 163202313.

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The Floater 2000 Crane Scale provides "In Line" lifting or cable tension measurement. without cutting cable!


The Massload Floater makes it possible to measure running or static cable tension. The roller configuration causes a very slight deflection in the cable. Increasing the load or tension causes a corresponding and linear increase in force on the ML600 double ended shearbeam. The Loadcell signal is converted to weight by the Digital readout.

Cable Sizes Supported:

 1/2" - 1 1/2"

A 60ft conductor cable is provided with each floater to connect it to the recommended indicator - the Df2000. If a wireless solution is required, see our wireless floater

The Massload Foater is a cable tension monitor and is designed as a safety device, not a legal for trade weigh scale.

ML700 Tension Link Load cell


A unique , ruggedly constructed load cell, the ML700 is ideally suited for use in any application for heavy lifting or pulling.

The ML700 is ideally suited for any application that involves lifting , pulling or winching . This Tension Link Loadcell is available in capacities ranging from 10,000 pounds to over 200,000 pounds. The cell is temperature compensated and completely environmentally protected . Be assured of accurate , consistent and reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -40 deg. C to +57 deg. 

Performance Specifications:

  • Capacities 10,000 lbs. ( 4,500kgs.) to 400,000 lbs.(180,000 kgs.)
  • Safe Overload 200%
  • Ultimate Overload 500%
  • Full Scale Output 2 mv/v + or - 0.25%
  • Maximum Excitation 15 volts DC
  • Thermal Zero Shift 0.00155 FS/deg. F
  • Barometric Effect NIL
  • Bridge Resistance 350 ohm

*Consult factory for special sizes and capacities.

Convert ML700 to Wireless

Remember we can custom design Tension Link Loadcells for your particular application. An example is  the 200,000 pound Loadcell we recently built for one of our dealers. Many of our dealers are focusing on these niche markets and have found the them to be very profitable. If you have any questions Email us.



Wireless Solutions for Oilfield Applications

We have been a leader in wireless weighing technology for a number of years. From crane scales to tension link loadcells, we have made them all wireless. Below are some of the options that you as the consumer has when purchasing a Sidewinder or tension links

Typical Configurations:

The configurations shown below will work with either the Sidewinder deadline tension sensor, or our power tong tension link loadcells. Contact Massload to design a system that meets your requirements

Wireless loadcell to handheld readout

Wireless loadcell to handheld readout. Optional RS-232 port from readout into PC or PLC

Regular loadcell hardwired into standard digital indicator.

Wireless loadcell to reciever unit that connects to PC's or PLC's via RS-232 interface

Wireless tension links to handheld receiver

Click here for 4-20mA signal conditioning options




Anti Two Blocking Device

Operation Description:


Two block is a situation there the hook block comes in contact with the boom head of a crane. This situation can have serious consequences. Damage to the crane could result, or more seriously, the wire rope could break causing the load to drop.

Anti Two blocking, therefore is a system that alerts the operator that he is nearing this condition. The alarm, is usually in the form of an audio buzzer or horn. Visual alarms are not practical due to the fact that the operator is concentrating on the lift in progress.



 Designed to be easily mounted in the cab or outside the crane.

 Comes with built in fuse, on/off switch, LED light, buzzer, wiring harness, and connectors.

 Remote antenna ensures proper communication with switch.

 Each Tx and Rx unit have there own unique frequency.

 Transmitter uses a high energy, inexpensive 12 volt battery.

 Switch is made of high strength, light weight plastic.

 Bob weight weighs 18 lbs.

 bob weight can be fitted without weaving through or removing pins

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