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On Board Weighing

  • Easy to install
  • Accurate Double Ended Shearbeam design
  • Reliable
  • Easy to repair if damaged
  • Low profile & weight design
Find electronic weighing solutions designed to increase bottom line profits, improve productivity and make vehicle overloading and under loading a thing of the past! Massload Technologies manufactures digital on-board weighing and measurement electronics used in today's agricultural and industrial technologies worldwide.

 Refuse Onboard Weighing

Installing a Massload onboard weighing system on your Truck allows you to keep 

Accurate records of what you are loading

No more guess work- No more surprises- No more overweight fines


Most onboard weighing systems use bending beam technology. Massload has gone one better. The ML1100 is of the more sophisticated shear-web design. A double ended beam loadcell discounts side loading errors and as a result is considerably more accurate and reliable. The performance of this design has been proven in many demanding weighing applications. Full environmental protection makes the loadcell impervious to dust and moisture.

The Logger - ML1100 Double Ended Shearbeam


The Logger designed for rigid mount and very rugged applications. It is ideal for On Board Weighing .

The Logger is available in capacity of 75,000 pounds in static applications or 25,000 pounds in dynamic applications such as On Board Logging Weighing. It is available in nickel plated alloy steel or painted alloy steel. The cell is temperature compensated and completely environmentally protected. Be assured of accurate, consistent and reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -50 deg. C to +57 deg. C.

Two Year Warranty

Performance Specifications:

  • Capacities 75,000 lbs. (34,000 kgs. )
  • Please note that the diagram below utilizes dynamic weighing
  • 25,000 lbs dynamic weight represents 75,000 static weight
  • Safe Overload 200 %
  • Full Scale Output 3 mv/v + or - 0.25%
  • Maximum Excitation 15 volts DC
  • Non- Linearity < 0.03 % FS
  • Hystersis < 0.02 % FS
  • Non Repeatability < 0.01 % FS
  • Thermal Sensitivity Shift 0.0008% of reading /deg. F
  • Thermal Zero Shift 0.0015% FS/deg. F
  • Barometric Effect NIL
  • Bridge Resistance 700 ohms

Legal for Trade Onboard Weighing

This system consists of two modular weighing assemblies. (see dimensional diagram) Each assembly consists of two ML1200  10k loadcells, two hydraulic lifting cylinders, and a lockdown pin and ram. This system uses a stand alone hydraulic system that connects directly to a 12 volt battery. Putting the system into either the weighing or transport modes is totally automatic. A hydraulic cylinder retracts the lockdown pins to put the system into weighing mode, springs return the pins to transport mode.


The weighing of the load is done by lifting the entire load onto the loadcells. This means that the load is not suspended on the loadcells while in transport mode, protecting them from potential damage due to the dynamic loads as the truck is in transport


When the weighing is completed, the load is let back down taking the weight off of the loadcells, and the safety lockdown pins are seated into place using springs, ensuring the load is well secured during transport.

The high resolution, double ended shearbeam loadcell in manufactured in Canada by Massload Technologies. It comes with a five year warranty, and even if not under warranty, it can be repaired for less than $500.


This system can easily be installed on many different styles of trucks. The modular assemblies make it easy to configure to your requirements.

Time is money, and using our onboard weighing system can save you both time and money.


On Board Wagon Weighing

Invest in an onboard wagon weigher from Massload Technologies, and watch your profits increase. We have retrofitted our loadcell scale systems to a number of 3rd party products, and have been pleased with the results. Our customers are also pleased with the new systems, as they can now accurately control how much is being loaded and unloaded.


We understand that there are many variations of designs on the market, and we are willing to work with you and your existing product in an effort to add more value and robustness.

System Description:

This type of system is rather simple by design. We analyze your product looking for the loading points of of the machine and then engineer a way to fit loadcells at each point. The loadcell locations vary and can be loaded on the axles, on the frame, or around the bin or hopper. These loadcells are calibrated and fed into a digital indicator. These systems are powered by 12VDC and you have the option of a dot matrix printer that can travel with the wagon. The Indicator and printer can be mounted on the wagon in a sealed box, or can be wired into the towing vehicle and connected to the wagon via a hitch connector.

System  accuracy depends on many factors, such as, number of cells required, loading conditions, but in our experience, most systems of this sort will give results of 1% or better.

Benefits of Onboard Weighing:

  • Low cost (see following section)
  • Custom designs guarantee your system to work properly
  • Saves time, reduces handling of product
  • Takes out the guesswork when monitoring the feeding of livestock

Don't be left in the dust...fit your agricultural products with a Massload scale system today!



Typical system:

1 - hitch loadcell

2 - rear loadcells*

1 - digital readout (TI500E)

1 - loadcell summation box


Retail System Price: $1359 USD ($1950 CDN)


*Additional loadcells will increase the cost.

* sealed enclosure for the readout


Optional Equipment:

Ticket or tape printer.



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