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ML-Quadsum Digital Indicator

If your searching for a low cost digital indicator that is capable of receiving (4) 0-20mA signals with an RS-232 output, you've come to the right place.

Massload has found that many of our customers require a portable, battery powered digital indicator that has the features of a higher cost unit. The market does not have many options for this type of indicator, so we decided to develop our own. 


  • Compact design of only 6"x4"x2 1/4"
  • Up to 4 industry standard 0-20mA independent inputs. (4-20mA conversion webpage)
  • Low voltage requirement: 8-16VDC
  • On / Off switch
  • 3 1/2 digit display with x10 and x100 indicators
  • D9 RS-232 output to interface with a PC or ticket printer (see below about software)
  • Quick disconnect terminal strip for loadcell and power inputs
  • Operating Temperature: 0-50 deg C
  • Durable ABS enclosure
  • Accuracy: 1% or better.

Key Functions:

  • Zero - Zero's the input channels
  • Channel - Cycles through the channels and displays the weights on each channel individually. When all LED's are illuminated, the total weight of all channels is displayed.
  • Zero+Channel - Sends a print command to a optional printer.

Serial Communication:

  • Full duplex. Indicator can be interogated by computer software at will.


This unit uses a 3 1/2 digit display. This means that up to 1,999 lbs, it reads that full amount on the display. From 2,000 to 9,999 lbs, it reads the first 3 significant digits and tuns on the x10 light. From 10,000 to 99,999 lbs, reads the first 3 significant digits and turns on the x100 light.

For example you have an applied load of 6,238 lbs. The reading on the Quadsum would look like 624 and the x10 light would be illuminated.


See our software support page for downloads and updates.

Quadlink© software gives you the capabilty to turn your computer into a digital indicator and data acquisition system, and is standard with the purchase of the Quadsum Indicator. A fully featured software package with full setup/install program, help, and access to the latest updates via the internet. Data can be saved to a text file and/or an MS Access database. Use this software as the link in your data acquisition system.

TI-1000 Stainless Steel Readout

with Cattle Motion Program

The TI-1000 is a general purpose low cost digital indicator with a NEMA 4x stainless steel enclosure for use in washdown environments. It comes with an oversize (1") LCD screen for easy readout of up to 5,000 display divisions, and supplies enough current for up to 4-350W load cells. The primary and secondary displayed units may be altered to fit the required application. All setup parameters may be entered via the front panel keys, including calibration.

The TI-1000 uses full duplex RS-232 serial format for communication with many types of attached support equipment. The unit can transmit data on demand, or continuously in a popular data protocol to match a wide variety of printers, remote displays, or personal computers. Wiring diagrams to connect extra equipment will be found on page 2 of this manual.

The setup parameters are altered through the Setup menu. A graphical road map of the Setup menu is found on page 3 of the manual. The Configuration section of the manual, found on page 2, explains how to enter the Setup menu. In this mode, the five front panel keys become directional navigators to maneuver and save settings.






Full Scale Input Signal

30V, including dead load

Input Impedance

30MW , typical

Internal Resolution

Approximately 100,000 counts

Display Resolution

5,000 dd

Measurement Rate

10 Meas/sec

System Linearity

Within 0.02% if FS

Calibration Method

Software Calibration, with long term storage in EERPROM

Excitation Voltage

+5VDC, 4 x 350W load cells

RFI Protection

Signal and excitation lines protected by LC Low Pass Filter





Intel 80C32



Program Memory:

32K x 8, external to m C



8K x 8, external to m C



64 x 16, external to m C

Digital Filtering

Software selectable





Printer Port

Full duplex at 1200, 2400, 4800, or 9600 Baud. Data bits and parity selectable



1" (25.4mm) 7-segment, Liquid Crystal, 4½ Digit

Additional Symbols

Net, Gross, kg, neg weight


5-key flat membrane panel


AC Adapter

12 VDC @ 800mA

Power Consumption

110mA, with 4 x 350W load Cells

TI500BW Digital Readout

With Cattle Motion

Cattle Scale Program:

Auto Power Off


Selects the auto off time period in minutes:

"Off" = Disabled (Always On)

Hold Mode


Activates the "Hold: mode where weight of the object on the platform is frozen on the display until the applied weight is decreased to one half of the memorized weight. This is used in conjunction with the Motion Band setting  to capture an unstable load, such as livestock

Motion Band

Sets the level at which motion is detected by comparing the present display update with the previous one. If motion is not detected for two seconds or more, scale is in standstill and can process a Print or Zero command. Maximum value varies depending on local regulations

Digital Filter

Averages weight readings to produce higher stability. The higher the filter setting, the greater the stability but the slower the indicator's response time.



Internal Resolution Approximately 130,000 counts

Excitation Voltage +5VDC, 4 x350W load cells


Alkaline Batteries 6 - "C" Size Cells

Rechargeable Battery 6 VDC, 3.0 Ah lead acid

AC Adapter - Alkaline Batteries 12 VDC, 500mA Female

AC Adapter - Rechargeable Battery 12 VDC, 800mA Female

Power Consumption _ TI-500BW 80mA + 30mA per 350W Loadcell


Overall Dimensions - Plastic 8.1" x 11.8" x 3.9" (205mm x 300mm x 100mm)


Massload has developed software to work with this indicator. Connect this indicator to your computer and save your data. Visit our software support page to dowload a free trial.


Download the TI500BW/SS User Manual in .pdf format (2mb

Portable Data Case

This indicator package is an excellent all in one data solution. It comes with an M2000 digital indicator, an impact dot matrix tape printer, a large rechargeable battery, industry standard amphenol connectors, 1 or 2 serial ports, recharger, and on/off switch. All of this is housed in a waterproof, high quality Pelican case.

If a portable scale system is what your after, rely on this compact data case to do the job.



M2000 Digital Indicator

  • 1 or 3 channels available
  • See the M2000 webpage for detailed specs


  • 12V, 7.5 amp hour rechargeable battery
  • commonly available at most electrical supply stores


  • Impact dot matrix
  • 1 1/2" tape, easy roll replacement from top


  • Channels connectors are industry standard amphenol type
  • Serial connectors are DB9 style (9 pin female)
  • Recharging port is a polarized male plug with slide cover when not in use


  • Large toggle on/off switch


  • Weight: Approximately 15lbs
  • Overall Size: 13 1/2" wide, 11 3/4" long, 6" high



WS-Link Software

  • Connect your computer to this portable case and save your weight data to disk! See our WS-Link webpage for details.

More cases

  • Purchase additional cases for storing cables, charger, and even weighpads


TI500E Digital Readout

The TI500E digital indicator is a general purpose, industrial grade weight indicator. The display is a LED .6" tall and is enclosed in a NEMA 12 approved ABS enclosure.


  • Full Scale Input Signal: 30mV, including dead load
  • Minimum Sensitivity (non H-44): 0.4micro volt / grad
  • Minimum Sensitivity (H-44): 1.0 micro volt / grad
  • Input Impedence: 30Mohms, typical
  • Internal Resolution: approximately 260,000 counts
  • Display Resolution: 50,000 display division max
  • Measurement Rate: 10 Measures/sec nominal
  • System Linearity: within .02% FS
  • Calibration Method: software calibration with long term storage in EEPROM
  • Excitation Voltage: +10VDC, 4x350 ohm load cells
  • Digital Specifications:
  • Microcomputer: Intel 80C32
  • Program Memory: 32K x 8
  • EEPROM: 64K x 16
  • Digital Filtering: software selectable
  • Serial Communications:
  • Serial Port: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600; 8n1, 7o1, 7e1, 7n2
  • Operator Interface:
  • Display: .056", 7 segment LED, 6 digit
  • Additional Symbols: net, gross, tare, lb, kg, zero
  • Keyboard: 5 key flat membrane panel


  • AC Adapter: 12VDC @ 500mA
  • DC Power Consumption: 200mA + 30mA/350ohm loadcell


  • Operating Temperature: -10 deg C to +40 deg C
  • Storage Temperature: -25 deg C to +70 deg C



    Overall Dimensions: 3.2"x6.8"x2.3"



    NTEP: COC#94-080A2



Massload has developed software to work with this indicator. Connect this indicator to your computer and save your data. Visit our software support page to dowload a free trial.

Retail Pricing:

Contact for pricing: info@ridders.com


Download the TI-500e User Manual in .pdf format. (1.9mb)


M2000 Digital Readout

The classic DF200 indicator has more than 14 years of history being a high performance, low cost indicator with a track record of several thousand units in use today. Built upon the philosophy and reputation of the DF2000, the new M2000 is our second generation product continuing the 2000 legacy into the new millennium.

With increased A/D sampling speed and high resolution converter technology, the M2000 can display up to 20,000 displayed divisions, and is NTEP CLASS III/IIIL certified to 10,000 divisions with sampling up to 100 times a second per channel, ideal for demanding weighing applications such as high speed batching.

The M2000 offers 3 independent channels without using traditional multiplexing techniques. This ensures fast, predictable weighing with no performance loss in multi channel weighing modes.

Having multi-channel capability allows the M2000 to support weighing of more that one scale. For truck weighing applications, this means a multi-deck scale could be set up to weigh individual truck axles. All channels on the M2000 can be summed together in total mode, giving the total axle weight of the vehicle. Switching to individual channel mode allows you to inspect individual axle weights.

The M2000 supports analog and digital loadcell systems. The M2000D allows you to implement all the advantages of a digital load cell system without being locked into proprietary digital load cell technology.




    Units conversion: lbs/kg


    Zero Tracking: 1-99% of d or 1,2,3d


    Resolution: +/- 52000 A/D internal counts


    Sampling rate: 100 times a second per channel


    Span stability: 2ppm/deg C


    Zero Stability: 5nV/deg C


    Linearity correction: 10 span entries


    Calibration Method: calibration through software stored in flash memory


    Calibration Sealing: physical seal or Class1 Audit Trail system, password protected


    Tare: Keyboard and scale tare, multiple tare id's can be stored in memory


    Time and Date: Y2K compliant time/date clock, internal battery backup


    Truck Database: capable of storing 150 truck id's with associated tare weights


    Truck In/Out Loop: truck in/out loop program for weigh in/ weigh out applications


    Ticket Editor: create custom tickets for serial printers. Indicator can store and recall different tickets.


    Power On: selectable on/off switch

Loadcell Input:


    Full Scale: 4 ranges 0-9mV, 0-19mV, 0-39mV, 0-79mV


    Excitation: 7.5VDC, 16x350 ohm, 32x700 ohm all three channels combined


  • Analog Output: optional 4-20mA board via Smart Wire
  • Serial Output: 2 full duplex RS232/RS422 ports
  • IO Interface: periferal expansion through Smart Wire multi drop RS485 port
  • External IO: up to 6 channel setpoint via Smart Wire
  • Baud Rate: 150-32,400 bps, selectable


  • Size: 6 digit, 7 segment 1" red LED
  • Filtering: Fast Step quick response algorithm adjustable filter
  • Modes: display from CH1, CH2, CH3, and total of all channels in not legal for trade sites


  • Power Requirements: 12VDC 1A
  • Temperature Range: -10deg C to + 40deg C
  • Setpoints: 6 programmable setpoints per channel
  • Sense Amplifier: differential amplifier with 4 and 6 wire
  • RFI Protection: filtered signal, excitation and sense lines


  • Canada: Class III/IIIHD 10000
  • USA: NTEP Class III/IIIl 10000
  • OIML: Pending

TI1500 Digital Readout

The TI-1500 Series Digital Indicator is a general purpose, industrial grade weight indicator featuring piece counting operation and a custom unit. Four models are currently available, distinguishable by display type and enclosure type. All models operate identically, can readout up to 50,000 display divisions and can supply enough current for up to 8-350 ohm loadcells. All setup parameters may be entered via the front panel key, including calibration.

 Analog Specifications:
  • Full scale input signal - 30mV, including dead load
  • Minimum Sensitivity (non H-44) - 0.4 micro volts / grad
  • Minimum Sensitivity (H-44) - 1.0 micro volts / grad
  • Input impedence - 30M ohms typical
  • Internal Resolution - approx 260,000 counts
  • Display resolution - 50,000 display divisions max
  • Measurement Rate - 10 measurements/second nominal
  • System Linearity - within 0.02% FS
  • Calibration Method - Software calibration stored in long term EEPROM
  • Excitation Voltage - +10VDC, 8 x 350 ohm loadcells
  • Communication - RS-232 serial port, Full duplex
  • Operating temperature range - -10degC to +40degC
  • Overall dimensions - 12" x 8" x 4"


  • Standard AC Input - 110/220 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Optional AC Adapter - 12 VDC @ 800mA
  • DC Power consumption - 200mA + 30mA/350 ohm loadcell


  • NTEP - Class III/IIIL COC 99-017
  • Canadian Legal Branch of Metrology - Class III Approval No.
  • European CE Mark - Meets test requirements for: EN55011 for class B ISM; EN50082-1 for residential, commercial, and light industrial


Massload has developed software to work with this indicator. Connect this indicator to your computer and save your data. Visit our software support page to dowload a free trial.

Retail Pricing:

Contact for pricing: info@ridders.com


Download the TI1500 User Manual in .pdf format (2.3mb)




Epson TM-U295

The TM-295 is the smallest slip printer available today. Widely used by many companies from Hospitality to Credit Authorization to Banking, the TM-295 offers printing capabilities of normal, double and quadruple size print in either horizontal or vertical formats. The TM-295 will print multi-part copies. The TM-295 is available in either serial or parallel versions and meets all world-wide regulatory requirements including UL, CSA and CE mark. The TM-295 utilizes Epson¼s PS-170 Universal Power Supply which is an auto-switching supply for the many markets in which it is installed. The TM-295 is Windows and OPOS compliant. Now available in Epson Dark Gray (EDG). The low voltage requirement makes it ideal for portable weighing solutions.


Print Method

7-pin, shuttle impact dot matrix

Print font
Column capacity (columns)
Character size (mm)
Character set

Characters Per Inch

1.6(W) x 2.9(H)/1.3(W) x 2.9(H)
95 Alphanumeric
32 International
128x3 Graphic
13.4 CPI/15.9 CPI



Data buffer

512 bytes or 35 bytes

Print speed
(LPS: Lines Per Second)

2.1 LPS

Dimensions (mm)
Thickness (mm)

80(W) x 69(L) to 182 (W) x 257 (L)
0.09 to 0.35

Copy capability

One original and two copies

Inked ribbon

ERC-27 (Purple, black)


24 VDC +/- 10%

Power consumption

Approx. 15 W

D.K.D. Function

2 drives

Mechanism (MCBF)
Head (Life)

2.0 x 10
6 lines
100x 10
6 strokes/pin

Overall dimensions

180 (W) x 190.5 (D) x 101.5 (H)

Weight (Approx)

1.6 kg

EMI standard

VCCI #1, FCC class A, CE marking

Power supply (option)


Factory options



Safety standards


Weigh-Tronix WP233

The WP-233D Dot Matrix Printer fits easily into any system. Ease of use is an important part of the instruments design. It even prints on standard 2 1/2-inch adding machine paper. Measuring 4 1/2"x 4"x 2", the tiny WP-233D Dot Matrix Printer fits anywhere. It easily becomes a part of any system, providing critical hard copy records of test data.

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatile: The WP-233D is available in table top, wall, or panel mount version.
  • 9.5K buffer: The WP-233D will not tie up testing equipment during transfer of data.
  • RS-232 or 20mA input: Easy to install in almost any system.
  • Flexible print formats: 24-, 32-, and 40-column printing. Programmable double high and/or double wide characters.
  • Field configurable: Setup choices with singe rocker switch: baud rates, characters per line, handshake settings, dot matrix pattern, double high, double wide, double high/double wide or inverted print. 


  • Print method: Impact dot matrix
  • Character spacing:
    24 column - 12.8 characters/inch
    32 column - 17 characters/inch
    40 column - 21 characters/inch
  • Character matrix: 5 x 8 or 5 x 5 matrix
  • Character buffering: 9.5K
  • Line feed spacing: 7.6 lines per inch...single high character mode
  • Paper roll: Table top - 21/4" W x 23/4" O.D.; 0.44" I.D.
    Panel mount - 21/4" W x 11/4: O.D.
  • Power: 1.5 Watts (idle) 10 Watts (while printing)
  • AC voltage: 9 VAC (120 VAC stepdown converter included)
  • DC voltage: Optional 9-12 VDC, 100 mA idle, 1.5 A typical, 2.9A peak
    Optional 12-48 VDC
  • Available baud rates: 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200
  • Character format: 7, 8 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits, even, odd or no parity
  • Environment: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs
  • Options: Time/date battery protected circuitry
    Wall mounting versions and a watertight enclosure are available, for both AC and DC models.
  • Warranty: 1 year



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