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Weighing Assemblies

Floating Foot


The Floating Foot is specially designed to work with ML100 Series Loadcells that are used on Floor Scale and Loadbeam type applications. They are specifically designed to reduce the end or side loading of the loadcell.


The Floating Foot is available in two materials and two sizes as shown above. The 4K model is supplied with 1/2 - 20 UNF thread and the 10K model has 3/4 - 16 UNF thread. The alloy steel model is Zinc Plated for high corrosion resistance. Both the Alloy Steel Model and the Stainless Steel Models are Heat Treated to RC 40 - 45. The assembly is held together with Stainless Steel Pins that can be removed for cleaning or bearing replacement.


Inside All Models of The Floating Foot cavity is a precision ground ball bearing that is surrounded with "Petro-Can Purity FG" Food grade grease. This grease has a high dropping point and excellent resistance to water wash out as well as excellent protection against corrosion. "Purity FG" meets the highest food industry standards: USDA H1 approved for incidental food contact applications and FDA regulation CFR 21 178.3570. It is also certified for use in The Floating Foot has a large foot print (2") for maximum stability.


The Floating Foot will compensate for reasonably uneven floor conditions


Ml100 Weighing Assembly

The ML100 is ideally suited for many applications including floor scales, blenders, hoppers and tank scales. Also used in bulkweighers as well as platform scales and cattle scales .

A versatile, low cost Single -Ended Shearbeam.

The ML100 is available in capacities ranging from 1000 pounds to 20,000 pounds. It is available in either stainless steel or nickel plated alloy steel. The cell is temperature compensated and completely environmentally protected . Be assured of accurate, consistent and reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -40 deg. C to +57 deg. C

Platform assembly dimensions:

ML400 Truck Weighing Assembly

Self-Compensating Double Parallel Link Suspension.     

 The Massload double link loading system allows for free movement in all directions thus decreasing the likelihood of binding and increasing the level of accuracy. Fast and easy installation due to its lightweight and low profile modular design saves you both time and money.

ML500 Weighing Assembly

The Massload ML500 weighing assembly provides unequalled performance in the weighing of tanks and hoppers. Three models are available for 15k to 125k applications.

Due to the simple design, loadcell replacement is made easy. Hardened rocker pins ensure a long service life and the low profile design makes it a feasible assembly for many applications.

Be assured of rugged and reliable weighing with this robust weigh assembly.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy Loadcell replacement
  • Unique design compensates for temperature variations
  • Simplified design allows bolting directly to tank and floor
  • Low profile design
  • Self checking
  • Heavy duty construction

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