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The right support and after sales service. This is what we give you day after day and this 24/24 and 7/7


You can ask your questions direct by using ICQ when we are online. Our ICQ number is 163202313.

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It all started in 1983. RIDDER's was specializing at that time in the foodprocessing and everything that was involved with this. Soon we discovered that the fact that it was not possible to make the right things, depend on the machinery that was sold to the companies we worked for.

A lot of discussions all the time with those machinery manufacturers and explaining them how such a machine has to be made. To develop new products it was most of the time a loss of time as those machinery manufacturers were able to design a machine, but they did not know anything about how the production process has to be on the factory floor. So, after a few time we decide to do things by ourselves.





RIDDER's started a new devision inside the company. This devision was intend to do only rebuilding existing machinery, this to make it possible that the production processes will meet the highest standards, become more flexible and with less failures.

Together with the know how we had about production processes in the food, we were able now to improve realy a lot of things. This was giving a lot of success and we start also to design from scratch.





Designing from scratch was opening a lot of new perspectives. RIDDER's had the opportunitie now to serve the customers for what they realy need. We were asked by a lot of customers to do also other projects for them.

Those other projects were covering not only the food, but also the non-food. Next to the food processing we started also to study non-food processes. As RIDDER's was doing the maximum to serve his customers they asked to buy also from us standard made equiment as packaging machinery, weighers and everything you can imagine.





RIDDER's started to sell standard made machinery and was looking for the best manufacturers. So now we were able to offer a lot of services. Starting from the initial idea to produce something, up to the final plant and this including nearly all machinery and technologies supplied by RIDDER's.

One technology we still missed. The software to run every machine apart, or to link different machines together. In one word all things involved with programming. Untill than we outsourced the software we need for our machinery we sold. But this was very expansive and very difficult as those programmers were understanding how to write software, but not understanding how it has to be to reach perfection.





RIDDER's started to write the software for each machine by themselves. So, from that moment on our customers had the possibility to order everything at one specialised company: RIDDER's. Now we had a lot of advantages due to the fact that we did not depend anymore on other people to finish a complete system.

Our programmers started soon to make also software for the most wide use. And this in the most different branches. From machinery up to travel agencies. From automating one single machine up to complete control systems that can be operated from anyhow in the world. We looked also for the most intresting systems to do complete automations.





RIDDER's started to make automation more intresting regarding to the price the customer had to pay. We developped a complete new line of automation products, this to reach the highest standards and the most flexible systems.

Untill now, RIDDER's can offer you the most simple or most complex installation. We growed step by step as you can read. So, we waite for your next project, whatever it will be.


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